Land of Guyana of Rivers and Plains…

Posted on the 13th of Jul 2018

…made rich by the sunshine, and lush by the rains..!

We hope you like your new built-in postbox (the one on the left of this photograph, with the majestic lion, after it had just had its hand panted finish). It has now been expertly finished, sturdy cast flap attached and packaged and sent on its way. A first for Dan in his 30 years of casting!

Cottonwood Farm is on its way to Australia but we are used to sending our signs and postboxes down under! We hope our lovely customer, Cain, in New South Wales, will love it.

Do contact us if you would like us to dispatch one of our lovely personalised postboxes to you whether you are in Guyana or Guildford we will be very happy to help!